Sc2 Strategies - Using Protoss in Starcraft 2

Using Protoss in Starcraft 2

Both Terrans and Zerg are built around a relatively straightforward strategy of generating a lot of units quickly for a low cost. Terrans are a bit stronger and have more defenses, while Zerg are just downright fast and extremely low cost. However, Protoss take on a completely different strategy – instead focusing on developing highly elite units that cost a lot to build but take a lot to destroy. More often than not, the Protoss will be outnumbered, overwhelmed and yet still holding their own.

This means a few things for you as a player. First, it means you must be fully aware of which units you need and how to place them. Second, you must have a clear strategy in mind for each fight so that you don’t waste any of your units. You’ll need to manage everything on the screen at a time, which can be overwhelming at times, especially in multi-enemy fights like 2v2 or 4v4 combat.

Tips for Success

To be successful with Protoss you must first start by getting the most out of your mining at all of your bases. You’ll need every spare mineral and gas bit you can find as quickly as possible, so you need to expand quickly, get your workers in place and make as much mineral back stock as possible early on. Later in the game, you’ll need those materials.

You’ll also need to learn Warp Gate Research as quickly as possible. Those Gateways are only truly useful when you can convert them into Warp Gates that will let you produce units faster and then move them to Pylons throughout the battlefield. With the right placement of Pylons and Warp Gates at each of your expansions, you can be in many places at once using a limited number of powerful troops – throwing off your enemies and creating confusion everywhere you move.

You’ll also need to take full advantage of the Chrono boost ability, which allows you to speed up unit production and upgrades when necessary. You can access it from your Nexus and should use it whenever possible to speed up key units. In many cases, this will be your fighting units that you’ll need for any armed combat with enemies.

If you don’t yet have Warp Gate Research, this should be high on your list as well. You will also need to speed up production of Probes as soon as possible whenever you can.

Winning with Protoss

The Protoss race is as very popular race for people fond of powerful, hero class warriors that can defeat their enemies in the blink of an eye. If you’re serious about taking on both Zerg and Terran races, especially in 2v2 or 4v4, you’d better spend some time practicing and mastering the complex build patterns and attack structures of this race, however. A single mistake or lost unit can make the difference between victory and defeat for Protoss.

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Protoss Basic Opening Strategies and Build Orders

So I'm going to try to consolidate the tactics that I've learned throughout beta as well as watching countless replays. I myself am no pro, but I feel I have a fairly diverse knowledge of the basic Protoss opening strategies, even if I cannot always perfectly replicate them. Below, I'll list a variety of opening builds, their builds orders, and a sentence or two of detail about the builds strengths and weaknesses. I'll try to follow it up with some 'what to watch for' in the opening builds of your opponents, so you can pick a viable tech tree to counter.

(Build Order is listed by supply, the number on the left being at what supply you should start building that structure/unit)

Before I begin, one last tactical note: Especially if you are facing zerg, and sometimes on T/P, you want to wall off your ramp. This can be done a variety of ways, if it is against Zerg you want to do it with a Pylon + Gateway + Zealot (practice against AI, place your hole for the Zealot between the two). If it is against Protoss or Terran (Emo's advice: walling off against Terran and Protoss may be unnecessary or even detrimental against Terran), you can wall off with Gateway + Cybernetics Core + Zealot with your Pylon behind them (so they cannot lose power to marines, you may also skip the Zealot in these instances). If it is a large ramp like Scrap Station, use Pylon + Gateway + Cybernetics Core + Zealot.

Also, CB = Chrono Boost. I’ve marked fairly subjective unit builds with an asterisk (*) meaning your decision depending on the opponent.

The Four Gate is the bread and butter of the Protoss starter package, every Protoss should know and master this as it can be used in almost all scenarios and provides you with an easy tech path to whatever you need to counter your opponent. It is strong against nearly every opening expect perhaps 6 pool (depending on when you get your Zealot), and neutral against a mass Marine/Marauder build (you will stalemate and take it into later game).

Build Order:

9 - Pylon

10 - 2 probes (CB)

12 - Gateway (at 150 minerals, may be before 12)

12 - 2 probes (CB)

13 - 1st Assimilator (3 probes on it immediately)

16 - 2nd Pylon

16 - Zealot if playing Zerg, save for the Stalker if not

18 - Cybernetics Core (Spend further CB's on Warpgate, research as soon as Core finishes)

18/19 - 2nd Assimilator (I use 2 probes here for now, your call on unit composition)

 Post 20 estimates (these are rough as you are leaving the rigid early phase):

19/20 - Stalker (T or P) / Zealot (Zerg)

22 - 2nd Gateway

23 - 3rd & 4th Gateway

24/25 - 3rd Pylon

26 - Warpgate finishes, transform your Gateways and build a 4th and 5th Pylon, you will now be using up exactly 1 Pylons worth of supply each warp in (4 units x 2 supply = 8 supply) so it is important to be planning ahead with your Pylons.

26+ - Warp in your first set of 4 units (sentry, zealot, 2x stalkers is a good start). Mix your composition up, don't go sentry heavy, 2 is a good number.

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