starcraft 2 strategy for terran zerg

starcraft 2 strategy for terran and zerg

If you’ve never played Starcraft 2 before and are a sucker for humans in a science fiction game, the Terrans are the race you’ll want to start with. While they are technically not human, Terrans are pretty much human in every way you can imagine. There buildings even carry names you can recognize and understand without having to reference the game guide every 5 minutes.

In terms of actual gameplay, Terrans offer a very simple, well rounded unit option for your game play. The idea is that their basic infantry can attack from the air or the ground, doesn’t cost too much, but doesn’t necessarily provide the quick to produce, throw away status that you get out of zerglings. Additionally, you will spend less than either zerg or protoss on your buildings and defenses.

As a result, the Terran battle strategy almost always revolves around setting defenses like walls using Supply Depots. If you add in Siege Tanks which can attack a large number of enemies in a single spray, you have an extremely powerful defensive race that can withstand even the largest of Zergling rushes, if you are prepared for it.

Another important factor for Terran players is that their buildings almost all fly. This means that you can easily move your structures between your base and expansions whenever you need to. This makes it far less dangerous to construct valuable buildings like Command Centers in frontier expansions when you are not yet sure how safe it is.

With all this flexibility, however, you lose some of the efficiency you get from Zerg and Protoss which can be operated using hot keys and button mashing. Because of the Tech Labs and Reactors that Terrans have, they are not able to mash the same button. You can instead cycle through each building and then build according to what you need and where.

If you do it right, however, it is feasible to generate an effective long term strategy for creating new units without having to zoom in on the building each time and wait for the process to go through. It will, however, take a lot longer to get used to if you’ve already been playing as either of the other two races.

When it comes to attacking, Terrans have many strategies – designed to match their overall versatility as a race. The most common attack strategies for low level players are the rushes, using Banshees or Reapers. You’ll also want to learn how to expand quickly using the flying buildings and a buffer between expansions and your base.

Terrans are a fantastic race for a lot of reasons. They are fun to play, recognizable in many ways, and adaptable to almost any situation. If you’re serious about playing Starcraft 2 in a way that allows you to take on any opponent with minimal notice, you’ll find the Terrans one of the best races when getting started.

Using Zerg in Starcraft 2

If you’ve ever played an RTS game, then you have probably at least heard the word “zerg” before, usually in conjunction with “rush”. The zerg is a race that focuses on producing as many low cost, low health units as quickly as possible to overrun and destroy an enemy base. The idea is that if you can create enough units and take out your enemies before they have time to develop their defenses or counterattack, nothing else really matters.

Of course, not all Zerg attack plans are rushes, but the basic strategies that come out of the Zerg race are all fairly similar due to the low health and easy replacability of the units.

Tips for Success

The goal of a Zerg player is usually to build their army using Queens and Hatcheries as fast as possible. That means having as many expansions as you possibly can in place early on and then working to regenerate units at a huge rate. In general, you’ll never be able to defeat a Terran or Protoss opponent that has a similar number of units on the field – they’re too much stronger than you.

However, by setting up your units effectively and then building on what you have early on, you should be able to control the map and take out your opponents with numbers. Early on, you want as much income as possible. Do this by attacking the enemy’s supply lines and by making as many Drones as possible to mine your resources.

You’ll also want to get as many units as possible in a tight formation around your opponents. That means strategy placement of your expansions is very important so that you can rush from all sides and overwhelm the opponent rather than just taking them out straight on.

The biggest weaknesses for Zerg players are the enemy units that cause splash damage, such as the Colossi or Siege Tanks. These can destroy your units quickly if you have them too concentrated, so make sure to spread out and attack from multiple angles when taking on opponents of different races.

You should have at least one Queen at every base due to the Spawn Larvae ability. With this in place throughout the map, you can double your unit count quickly. You want all your Queens hotkeyed to the same number key so you can use them quickly with the same button each match.

Finally, don’t forget to use your Creep as much as possible. The more you cover in creep, the faster your units will move and the less space your enemies can expand to as creep cannot be built on.

Winning with Zerg

Winning a match with zerg is about acting fast and controlling the map. You must stake as much claim to resources as possible, use the creep to block expansion, and get your queens situated throughout the maps so you can take on your enemy from as many locations as possible when it comes time to strike. If you do these things properly, it doesn’t matter how much more powerful your enemies are – you’ll simply overwhelm them.

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