starcraft 2 strategy guide sc2

starcraft 2 strategy guide

starcraft 2 strategy guide sc2

There are a lot of guides on the market that all promise to offer an array of different tactics and strategies for mastering content in Starcraft 2. Those other guides have been built on a number of different ideas – there are guides promising you strategies to defeat all three races, strategies to get you to Platinum status, and strategies to have fun with.

But, the vast majority of strategies have problems, for a variety of reasons. To start with, the game has been in beta for a long time and a lot has changed. Second, too many strategies are based heavily on the older Starcraft model – making assumptions that don’t always play out when you start playing the new game in 2010.

So, that’s why there is quite a bit of attention paid to new guides like Starcraft 2 Mastery – recently released at The newest addition to the strategy guide market has been getting a lot of attention from players who are still looking for a truly complete and comprehensive take on the market. But, does it pan out the way that everyone has been hoping for?

That’s going to be entirely up to the players as they dig in and start using the strategies laid out in the guide, but a quick look through the guide will give you quite a bit to think on. First, you’ll find more than 50 strategies, built around a variety of tactics for each of the three races. Second, there is a strong focus on the game’s 1v1 and 2v2 strategies, and there are no promises for content that has not yet been released.

Yet, when the game does upgrade and start offering a much wider array of content such as 4v4 and single player campaign play, the guide promises to be there with new updates. If you’re interested in getting a new Starcraft 2 guide, I can’t tell you which one is best, but I can tell you that SC2 Mastery looks to be covering all the bases.  Here !!

Another Starcraft 2 Guide? How Does it Stack Up?

The game is brand new and yet it’s already starting to look like the very heavily saturated market of guides that have turned World of Warcraft into a secondary market. I often wonder who is writing these guides, but not quite as much as I wonder what kind of content they can possibly offer that people would pay so much money to read them.

Starcraft 2 Mastery is the newest in the long line of guides for Blizzard’s Starcraft sequel to hit the market and it promises to do things a bit differently, offering a big collection of new strategies and upgrades to the basic outlook on how to play your race of choice – whether it is Protoss, Zerg, or Terran.

What It Offers

The first thing you’ll notice with Starcraft 2 Mastery is that it focuses heavily on laying the groundwork for every strategy. You don’t just get information on how to rush your opponents. You are told why the rush works, when it doesn’t work, and how to adjust when it fails. That’s a huge collection of added data that can help tremendously when you’re just learning how to play.

The Learning Curve Can Be Steep

The biggest problem you’ll find with a game like Starcraft 2 is that the hardcore players have already been at it for more than a decade. They’ve been playing Starcraft since 1998 and that mean they have a HUGE head start on the newbies. Even lower brackets can be brutal for players that don’t know the difference between Colossi and Drones.

So, having a good guide in hand can be a huge boon for the new player who needs a quick charge of information and tactics when first playing one of the hottest new games of the year. If you’re that player, check out what SC 2 Mastery has to offer   NOW !!

Do You Need Help in Starcraft 2?

When Starcraft 2 was first announced, there was universal elation. Players everywhere were overwhelmingly excited that they’d finally get to continue the story of the first game and that they’d have the tools in hand to do it on next-gen computers and with updated RTS rules and strategies. But, for newbie players, the idea of going up against players who have been at it for the last 12 years is a bit overwhelming.

While I played my fair share of Starcraft back in the day, it’s been a long time and I’m rust. Scratch that, I’m beyond rusty. I’m disintegrated. And that means I’m starting pretty much from nothing, along with millions of other potential players who will be hoping to hold their own in multiplayer on

If you’re one of those players, you may be wondering if you need help in Starcraft 2. The question has a lot of merit (and I have it myself), so what should be the line at which you finally take the leap and go looking for help?

•    Can You Win – If you can’t win matches in Bronze on 1v1, you’re probably not doing something right. Eventually, practice should get you at least to Silver status.

•    You Don’t Understand Instructions – If you’re in 2v2 or 4v4 matches and don’t understand the instructions you’re being given, it’s time to find a bit of help to overcome the confusion.

•    You’re Not Having Fun – It’s a game. If you’re getting destroyed so hard that you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Get help and start having fun again.

The bottom line is that Starcraft 2 is a huge new game, but it’s only going to be enjoyable if you can play it at the level you were hoping. So, find some help and start playing it with the best gurus out there. You may not hit Platinum status overnight, but I’ll bet you start winning some matches and having some real fun a lot quicker. Sc2 Mastery Guide