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starcraft 2 - Perfect strategy guide Using Terran

Starcraft Two sc2 Strategy Guide Terran

Using Terran in Starcraft 2

If you’ve never played Starcraft 2 before and are a sucker for humans in a science fiction game, the Terrans are the race you’ll want to start with. While they are technically not human, Terrans are pretty much human in every way you can imagine. There buildings even carry names you can recognize and understand without having to reference the game guide every 5 minutes.

In terms of actual gameplay, Terrans offer a very simple, well rounded unit option for your game play. The idea is that their basic infantry can attack from the air or the ground, doesn’t cost too much, but doesn’t necessarily provide the quick to produce, throw away status that you get out of zerglings. Additionally, you will spend less than either zerg or protoss on your buildings and defenses.

As a result, the Terran battle strategy almost always revolves around setting defenses like walls using Supply Depots. If you add in Siege Tanks which can attack a large number of enemies in a single spray, you have an extremely powerful defensive race that can withstand even the largest of Zergling rushes, if you are prepared for it.

Another important factor for Terran players is that their buildings almost all fly. This means that you can easily move your structures between your base and expansions whenever you need to. This makes it far less dangerous to construct valuable buildings like Command Centers in frontier expansions when you are not yet sure how safe it is.

With all this flexibility, however, you lose some of the efficiency you get from Zerg and Protoss which can be operated using hot keys and button mashing. Because of the Tech Labs and Reactors that Terrans have, they are not able to mash the same button. You can instead cycle through each building and then build according to what you need and where.

If you do it right, however, it is feasible to generate an effective long term strategy for creating new units without having to zoom in on the building each time and wait for the process to go through. It will, however, take a lot longer to get used to if you’ve already been playing as either of the other two races.

When it comes to attacking, Terrans have many strategies – designed to match their overall versatility as a race. The most common attack strategies for low level players are the rushes, using Banshees or Reapers. You’ll also want to learn how to expand quickly using the flying buildings and a buffer between expansions and your base.

Terrans are a fantastic race for a lot of reasons. They are fun to play, recognizable in many ways, and adaptable to almost any situation. If you’re serious about playing Starcraft 2 in a way that allows you to take on any opponent with minimal notice, you’ll find the Terrans one of the best races when getting started.

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Building the Perfect Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

There are already half a dozen strategy guides for sale on the Internet that promise to help new and old players alike to master the content in Starcraft 2. But, like any good player, I am a bit skeptical that they can do that. So, I wanted to write up a few things that I would need to see in a strategy guide before I’d lay down my own cold hard cash on it.

Actually Useful Introduction

All the introductory content out there can be a little condescending. I don’t want to read how stupid some guru player thinks I am. I want to know how to play the game and beat that guru. So, let’s lay out some truly useful, well written strategies that go through the basics of mastering the content in the game from step one on.

Multiple Builds and Difficulties

If the writer only plays Zerg, they’re only going to offer Zerg strategies that work. I need strategies for all three races and they need to be catered to different difficulty levels, different opponents, and different play outs. If they’re not going to work the same way across multiple scenarios, I want to know and have the tools to adjust.

Shortcuts and Examples

A good strategy guide had better include screenshots, videos and charts to illustrate what I need to do. I want hotkeys, video examples, and images of what is happening in those descriptions. Without those examples, what’s the point of all the money going into the product.

In short, a strategy guide really needs to lay out good strategies and then show me how they work. I’ve seen quite a few strategy guides out there and they all work in their own way, but so far I’m most interested in Starcraft 2 Mastery. It offers all of the information I’ve outlined above and more, making it a great option for top level players and newbies alike.