Best RPG Games For PC - 2010

 Best RPG Games For PC - 2010

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In this article I will be comparing World of Warcraft (WoW) to Final Fantasy XI (FFXI). You may say HOLD IT! There is no comparison or you could just keep reading so you can join this debate with the rest of us Game Heads.

When asked which MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is better it would seem that the consensus is Wow. I say that because as of December 2008 They have more than 11.5 million subscribers while FFXI as of then had only 500,000. OK, OK, now you say well where is the comparison? How can you say 11.5 million whopping people are wrong? I wont say they are wrong but i will say that I think it is a matter of opinion. My first gaming experience was with FFXI and I really enjoyed everything about it and i would have never left. Notice i say would have never. If you're wondering what happened I will be brief by saying my husband made me switch to wow, but that's another topic.

I found FFXI to be so fun and interesting and teaming up with people made me so excited while wow on the other hand is quest this and quest that and it seems to me that this is a game for a loner. Maybe I'm just a people person but I don't want to spend a whole day on a video game wondering around by myself! I guess some would say it is convenient to not need to depend on a group all the time and it is a good thing to be able to choose if you want to play solo or with people. But even with wow's dungeon finder to tide me over I still cant get over FFXI. Maybe I'm hopeless. I must admit the one thing I think Blizzard (wow) has over Square-Enix (FFXI) is the prompt customer service. I will let you be the judge my vote is for FFXI even though wow has more subscriber's.Thank you for reading my article, please excuse my grammar and punctuation.

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