Cataclysm Insider gold secrets gold guide

Cataclysm Insider gold secrets gold guide

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The biggest question anyone has right now about Cataclysm is how to make enough gold to be ready for the expansion. What do you do when the new game comes out to make sure you have enough gold on hand to buy all your new mounts, new gear, new items, and everything else?

It’s a tough one. No one knows for sure how messed up the economy will get when the xpac goes live, but we do know it will be messed up (it always is). Some items will be completely worthless, others will be on hold for a while. Others still will disappear from  use entirely.

And it doesn’t help that in Cataclysm all of our stats and talents are going to change, plus this time around we have tons of new alts starting up with new class combos, two new races and the rebuilt Azeroth to check out.

So, how do you make cash in that new environment so that you can afford all the cool new stuff Blizzard has been cooking up for two years?

It starts with a bit of preparation – something that Cataclysm Insider has been developed to help you do.

Why a Guide?

You’re probably wondering why you need a guide to help you prepare for Cataclysm right now. What does it have that common sense can’t get you. I can’t speak for everyone (and some of you are pretty good at this stuff), but my head starts spinning when an expansion comes along and it doesn’t stop until a couple of months have passed.

I get overwhelmed. With Cataclysm Insider, it looks like that content induced vertigo won’t be an issue. The idea being that if you know what to buy and what to sell and when to do it, that you can make a tremendous amount of gold in Cataclysm without having to give up the things you’d rather be doing when the xpac hits – like levelling, raiding, or PvP.

It remains to be seen just how good the tips in this guide will turn out being, but as of right now, I can already see a lot of players getting a huge jump start on everyone else in the preparation game. If you’re not already doing so, remember – you only have until December 7th – then you’re on your own.

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