cataclysm leveling guide - Expansion Gold Making in a Nutshell

 Expansion Gold Making in a Nutshell

Every two years, Blizzard drops a big update to their mega selling MMORPG World of Warcraft. And yet, most players miss a fantastic opportunity to make massive amounts of gold from that expansion release. You’ve probably heard that you can make a LOT of gold when a patch hits or when new content is updated on the server, so why don’t more people take advantage of an expansion as a fantastic way to fill their coffers for the next two years?

How Expansion Gold Making Works

The idea is simple. When an expansion comes along, the entire game economy is turned on its head. Players no longer have any idea what’s valuable or what things should sell for. It’s because the demand goes up so high and the supply is so low. It’s not just the items already in the game, however. Players will also be looking for lower level items this time around because of the influx of new alts in the form of Goblins, Worgens, and the new race/class combos.

What You’ll Need

So to take advantage of this surge of interest in low level items, you should start stockpiling certain items that will almost assuredly resurge in value after cataclysm launches. Because no one will be in Outland or Northrend and because most lower level players will be in too much of a hurry to farm their own stuff, you can sell items from those areas for HUGE markup and make a massive profit, but only if you stock up now.

The Risks and Rewards of Planning

If you plan now, you can make a lot of gold, but only if you know exactly what to stock up on. Some items will completely lose their value when cataclysm comes out and will never regain it. Others will be worthless for weeks until demand suddenly rebounds after everyone hits level 85. So, there is a risk for sure that you might stockpile the wrong items or sell them at the wrong time, but there is also a big chance for profit if you plan properly, well in advance.

If you’re serious about preparing for Cataclysm when it releases on December 7th, you need to have a plan. The number one most important thing you can do in that plan is have gold set aside through careful investments. Do that, and you’ll be ready to sell out at key moments and make a tremendous profit off of the inundation of new lowbie characters and professions that surge through your server. Have fun first and foremost, but don’t forget to make a tidy little profit.

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