Finding Best WoW PvP Guide

Finding a Good WoW PvP Guide

Warlocks are powerhouses in PvP, especially Arena play, for a few good reasons. They are downright nasty to fight against. Their ability to load up damage on an opponent and then simply let them whither to death while feared is not only incredibly effective, it is downright cruel if you think about it and makes them greatly feared by many classes. Of course, they are not indestructible and essentially any skilled player can defeat a Warlock if they have the knowledge to counteract the fear and DoTs that make a Warlock so dangerous.

The Key to Playing a Warlock

A Warlock in PvP is really a simple class to play. They basically come in and load up DoT damage on a player and then fear them repeatedly until they die. They can also drain mana and regenerate their own health with other curses and with the right combination of skills can be extremely dangerous against casters due to their Felhunter. The simple fact is that a well trained Warlock can defeat essentially anyone.
On the flip side, a poorly trained Warlock can be dead meat to essentially anyone. Because a Warlock is 100% reliant on their spells and skills, they have little they can do to combat someone that is able to drain their mana, remove their curses, or resist their fears. However, the right combination of attacks and timing can overcome these resistances and defenses but only with the right preparation and resources in the form of a Warlock PvP Guide.

The Importance of a Good Warlock PvP Guide

Warlock PvP Guides are incredibly important, especially for this particular class. It is almost impossible to defeat some classes without a strategy beforehand which means that if you don’t have the right resources to help you build those strategies, you won’t be able to combat the various different methods in which your opponents will strike against.

For example, if a Priest is able to mana drain you down, even though you can restore some of that mana, you will be very hard pressed to deal damage. Additionally, some classes such as the Priest and Paladin can remove your curses with their dispel abilities. You need to know what they will do and when they will do it, as well as how often they can use those spells against you. A good Warlock PvP Guide will do all of these things for you. In general, your best bet to being successful with a Warlock in PvP is to combat directly against your foes using prebuilt strategies that can alter and adjust to fit your necessities.

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