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Joanas horde leveling guide Review

Joana's Horde Leveling Guide is perhaps one of the most complete and well-known leveling guide for the Horde factions in World of Warcraft. He made his name in WoW and is accredited with the reputation as being one of the fastest players to ever reach level 60 for a total time of 4 days and 20 hours played on a new server. And believe me, getting this guide is worth every penny spent. Well I'm obviously not advertising for Joana in the first place or do I have any affiliation with him but the guide has been so impressive that I feel that writing a short review here is the least that I can do to pay tribute to this top-rated gamer.
Why Joana's the Ultimiate Horde Leveling Guide
Unlike any normal leveling guide out there, Joana's Horde Leveling Guide gives you a detailed leveling techniques and information that every gamers is searching for out there. The techniques that are explained here works well even for a newbie and it doesn't matter whether you choose to start out as an Orcs, Tauren, Undead or even Trolls. It will tell you exactly the specific path to follow and which quest will get you leveling faster and the pitfalls that are to avoid. If everything is followed closely as per instruction, it is not surprising to find your character will level up to 60 in no time.

The best added free bonus is that the entire Joana's Horde Leveling Guide is on video for you watch watch online or download. Follow Joana's character as he goes from level 1-70. All the techniques and secrets are explained in a lay man's term easy to understand and it will tell you the fastest way or route to follow in order to complete most of the horde quests in the least amount of time. In other words, whatever is explained here is actually tested and proven method which will definitely make your playing experience fun and enjoyable. The latest Joana's 60-70 Outland Guide also included guide for the Burning Crusade expansion.

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