MMORPG GAMES - New Features For Cataclysm

New Features on the Horizon for Cataclysm

If you haven’t heard yet, Cataclysm – the third expansion for the mega-popular World of Warcraft – is hitting the store shelves on December 7th of this year and will sport all sorts of new features that will fundamentally change how you play the game. But, which new features will have the biggest impact and how can you best prepare for them when the game finally launches? Here is a rundown of what you should be watching for first and foremost.

New Class/Race Combos – Other than the overhaul of Azeroth, the biggest buzz point right now is the wave of new alts that will be inundating the game when it relaunches on December 7th. Players will be loading up as Dwarf Shamans, Troll Druids and Night Elf Mages (among a dozen other new combos). Additionally, we have Worgens and Goblins joining the ranks as new races.

Stat and Talent Changes – In the 4.0.1 patch, we’ll see the overhaul of our classes finally which will completely revamp the talent trees and set into motion another two years of tinkering and tweaking to get the balance just right. With all those changes come a reload on the enchants, gems, and gear we all use. How much will those things change once half our stats are removed from the game?

Revamped Professions – They aren’t changing as much as the rest of the game, but the professions will be getting a big overhaul as well. That means things like glyphs becoming learned, jewelcrafters getting new dailies and all sorts of new transmutes to complement the new items. Look for other new features as well like random stats on crafted gear.

Guild Leveling System – This is a big one as it will drive a lot of guild membership in the new version of the game. With a hard guild cap of 600, and a load of new bonuses available for guild members who are active, there will be lots of reasons to be in a good guild, which can cost you gold and time.

There are dozens more additions to the game – all of which will have a profound impact on how you play your characters going forward, but some changes will have a more immediate impact. How much gold will you have when you need to replace your glyphs, revamp your enchants, level up new alts, and get into a good guild where you can take advantage of all those new rewards? The big question here is preparation and if you’re not prepared, it will be hard to take full advantage of all the new fun stuff.