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 Do You Really Need Another World of Warcraft Gold Guide?

I did a quick count to see just how many WoW gold guides were on the Internet just a few hours ago, and I couldn’t do it. I lost track. There have got to be more than 50 of them at least and the number keeps growing.
So, when I heard about Cataclysm Insider – the newest option from T Dub Sanders – I wanted to know for sure whether this was something worth investing in. Was yet another gold guide worth buying when there are so many out there?

The Quality Test

The first thing on my agenda, of course, was to see whether the other guides on the market passed what I call the quality test. Are they capable of making you any gold? There are quite a few guides out there that just plain…well, they’re bad.

They promise results and then flower you with out of date, overused tips that don’t even reap much gold any longer. They have tips from BC or even worse, Vanilla in them and they haven’t been updated since the 3.0 patch….pre-Wrath. So, those are automatically discounted.
But, how does Cataclysm Insider stack up against guides that have the pedigree and results to prove their worth? There are a few of them and they are very interesting options for anyone ready to put in a bit of hard work.

I’m happy to report that Cataclysm Insider is not the standard gold guide. It’s not a rehash of the same old “fish here, farm there, sell that, buy this” mentality. You won’t get yet another Auctioneer walkthrough (though the obligatory mention is in there – mercifully, T Dub admits you should have a good handle on it by now, though).Instead, Cataclysm Insider assumes you know a bit about your account and your gold making chances. It then outlines exactly what to sell, what to buy and how to prepare for Cataclysm, a full two months out.

Of course, if you’re reading this closer to December 7th, that means your time is running low. The whole premise of Cataclysm Insider is that you can make gold if you start preparing before the expansion hits. I personally see huge profit potential here. If you haven’t checked it out yet, get in there and do so now.
The name is Cataclysm Insider and it looks to be the kind of guide most gold-farmers are looking for.