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 Cataclysm Big Question – How Much Gold for Expansion?

I have gotten this question almost daily for the last couple of months. It seems like, ever since the 3.3 patch hit, people could care less about what we already have in front of us and want to know what it will take to prepare for Cataclysm. I don’t blame them, but I also don’t have a good answer to that. Now with a new guide out there called Cataclysm Gold Secrets, there are even more people wondering if their gold farming strategies are good enough to be ready when the new content lands this fall.

First up, we don’t know what exactly will be released. Blizzard talks a lot about reducing inflation, but we saw what happened in Wrath and we all know it won’t happen. I can all but guarantee that there will be a lot of really high prices on day one, including whatever people dig up for the new archaeology profession. Luckily, there are no new crafting professions to mutilate prices on gathering goods, but the prices will still be through the roof.

We can also pretty much guarantee that the game will show us a LOT of different ways to spend money, much as Wrath gave us Mammoths, giant bags, and extra skills that cost a ton of gold. No one is sure how much the old world flying skill will cost, but expect close to 5 figures when all is said and done with mounts and new skillups. It’s an expensive road to the top these days.

So, should you start saving for the new expansion? In my opinion, yeah, that would be a really good idea. Do you have to have a gold cap worth of coin stashed aside, though? I don’t think so. But, if you can put aside at least 50,000 gold and be ready to start farming on day one of the new expansion you’ll be a lot further ahead of the rest of your server, and we all know how good that can be with a new expansion.

Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide