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 Cataclysm Gold Secrets is Live – What Do We Think?

The newest addition to the World of Warcraft gold guide pantheon has finally gone live and it’s bringing with it a slew of questions about whether we really need it or not. The new guide has been dropped into the midst of massive, mega-sized guides that tap in at more than 300 pages. Does a short, to the point guide with specific tips for Cataclysm preparation have the moxy to stand up to the pressure?

I say yes and I think most of you will probably agree if you take a look at the new guide. It may not be extremely big – but it’s already providing a strikingly different perspective on how to make gold for players who are used to building their gold stashes with dailies and farming. Doesn’t work and we all know it, but rather than telling you not to do it and then providing lists of dailies and farming spots, this guide sticks to the stuff that does work.

We get a full list of solid add-ons, tips on how to use them, an auction house guide, a list of profession specific gold tips, and very little nonsense between it all. In short, Cataclysm Gold Secrets is a strategy guide that shows you how to create a system that will not only help you make a larger amount of gold than you’re used to – we stop measuring per hour and start measuring per day or week when we talk about the Auction House – but you’ll probably spend a lot less time playing, which is always nice when trying not to burn out before an expansion pack.

Whatever your playing goals are, you’ll likely find that the best way to get there is to have a lot of gold on hand. If you’re currently preparing for Cataclysm at the end of this year, you should probably start working toward a massive stash of gold so you can afford your quests, skill ups, new gear, and profession materials on day one. Cataclysm Gold Secrets is surely one of the best ways to help you do just that.

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