PvP in World of Warcraft - The Truth About PvP Guides

The Truth About PvP Guides

PvP in World of Warcraft is one of those contentious issues that everyone discusses multiple times over all the time – some love it and some hate it. Others just plain don’t understand it and for that reason, there are all sorts of guides on the market designed to help players become better at what they do in the game and to take on all sorts of new challenges in the process.

The Cast of Characters

The guides currently out there are a pretty mixed bag. There are a whole lot of them out there and they usually consist of a whole bunch of different promises and aspects that either try to live up to the hype or just plain cheat customers out of money. The problem is that there is so much content on the subject and no single static guide can hope to cover it all. Consider for a second, how many different combinations there are:

•    81 Possible Duals
•    72 Different 2v2 Arena Teams
•    504 Different 3v3 Arena Teams
•    15,102 Different 5v5 Arena Teams

With that much variety and the slew of different possible strategies both here and in battlegrounds, who could possible cover it all. So, you get two different possible types of guides out of this – you either get the type that skim over everything and give very general information when trying to cover every possible aspect of PvP or you get guides that don’t even bother and give very specific information on only a few parts of PvP – a single class for example.

The PvP Guide Done Correctly

For this reason, I’ve almost never seen a PvP Guide get it quite right. When I was forwarded a copy of the PvP Bible, I actually groaned a bit at the prospect of reading it because I assumed it would be horrible. But, as soon as I looked at the table of contents, I saw that it was something more than just more filler or hyper specific information that would only help a few people. It was a big guide to be sure, but besides providing all 81 Dual strategies, it didn’t try to give everything. Instead, it provided detailed outlines of the main archetypal groups for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 and how they are played with potentially different teams.

This made for an enlightening read and a good foundation for any new comer to PvP to start understanding what they should be doing when they enter the Arena or the Battlegrounds. To be sure, the PvP Bible is one of the best PvP Guide I’ve yet read not because it has everything, but because it is okay with providing an overview of some things and doing it very well.

Visit PvP Bible here: Here