fifa world cup 2010 video game

2010 FIFA World Cup Video Game

fifa world cup 2010 pc gameplay

The World Cup is here again and EA Sports have not missed this opportunity to release a new sports game 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, if its only 6 months after the release of FIFA Soccer 10. Having both games coming out so close together there are no great jumps forward, but this is a different game not just the same game under a different name. Having said that there are some noticeable improvements made to the field of play, while you will not find the same depth of gameplay modes, you will find enough options on here to keep entertained.

With FIFA Soccer 10 you could play either domestic or international football, the new game allows you to play only international football. If you think that's only the 32 teams that have qualified no you have 199 teams, giving you either the choice to play in the World cup or go though the qualification process. You can play a number of friendly matches during the qualification rounds allowing you to experiment with your tactics or formation. Playing with a lower ranked team is a completely different than playing with the big names Spain, Brazil or England
Taking control of any team 2010 FIFA World Cup is entertaining and realistic. This allows for a more physical style of football. Each player and the referee have a improved physical look than the earlier games. Players that are on the floor will have to be avoided, you cannot just run though them, the referee sill try to avoid the ball as with real football this is not always possible. When one of your players gets booked a slow motion replay shows you that the card was warranted

In open play you have control of every player automatically switching to the player nearest the ball. The controls on this game are very responsive and may take a while to get used to, you can also customize the button layout for specific actions. Every button on the control pad is used, and some action will require to press one button while holding down another. By using the two button control set-up you only need to press one button for passing and a different one for shooting, although this makes the game easier to use you do not have the saw control as with the regular setups.

A more challenging way to get started with 2010 FIFA World Cup is by using the Captain Your Country mode. As with FIFA 10 you still have the Be a Pro option which allows you take control of only one player. You can choose any player for any of the 199 squads, or create a new player for any team by doing this you will need to play in B teams and friendly matches to earn your place. When using this mode you will not need to chase the ball but play in a position that you choose and chevrons at your feet point to were you should be and you get a rating from 1-10 depending on how you are playing.

One of the problems with this game is when you call for the ball or a through ball a second after someone else has passed the ball to you, this causes you to have preload a first touch pass or a different action meaning you are likely to give the ball away. Off the field the rating are very inconsistent, more so for the captain, you could be the the highest scorer in the qualifying rounds but only get into the team as a reserve. The managers in 2010 FIFA World Cup do not like the captain it hang onto this role for more than a for matches, this is very frustrating to be man to the match in one game but lose the armband for the next match. This game can support up to 4 players but to not allow for it to be played online

There are options to play this game online nut this are limited, you can head to head matches against friends, ranked opponents and players find online via this game, but the only game you can play is the Online World Cup. You can choose to play as any of the 32 teams competing in this years finals, in makeshift tournaments playing both group and knockout stages. Matches can suffer from having just enough lag to allow your timing to be out when button presses, this is more of a problem with PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360.

There are other online functions for 2010 FIFA World Cup this include squad updates that are already in effect, a empty store to place downloadable content and a Story of the Finals mode were you have to complete scenarios from this years tournament. There are 45 scenarios in the Story of Qualifying mode, by completing this tasks you will be able to unlock scenarios from 2006 World Cup giving you a taste of what's to come
If like most sports fans you are excited by this tournament then 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa then you get a lot of fun from this game, in between matches of course so you do not miss any of the action. This game will keep you going right up until the release of FIFA Soccer 11.

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