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Online Gaming: Games for 2011

Online Gaming in 2011, is going to be exciting for gamers of all ages. Some of the very popular games lined up for release will be out and available to gamers, mostly in the first quarter of 2011. They are designed to give every gamer the perfect gaming experience.

Games like Venetica, whose newer version will be out in 2011 are something worth looking out for. Though the game has already been released in some parts of the world, the rest of them will be able to play it only when it is released in 2011. This game has received some commendable reviews from the critics, and hence is worth the wait. This game is available in versions compatible for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Games like Lost in Shadow, Mass Effect 2 and Little Big Planet 2 are also eagerly awaited. The game Lost in Shadow is an interesting game which portrays the player like a boy traversing a long tower. Here the player can move the light source and get some points. It is filled with a combination of puzzles, 3D elements and combat. All in all it's like a complete game which focuses on some main and interesting components.

Some other interesting games lined for release in the forthcoming year include Mindjack where the player is portrayed as a 3rd person shooter. In this sci-fi game the player has an option that allows multi-players to play. Another interesting game to look out for is the Dead Space 2 which is again a multiplayer shooter game, but with a twist of horror in the outer space. The concept itself is very different, which will attract a lot of gamers to come and try it. Two Worlds is another game which is being eagerly awaited. It is available in versions compatible for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Games

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