Aion Review

Aion is a client- based online game that attracts players with many new features and known worldwide . It is a MMORPG in which the human dream , flying with wings, is true .The fantasy world of Aion called Atreia and is split into two factions . The Elyos are the people of light and radiant beauty . With her angelic wings they dominate the bright and prosperous part of the world and look down on the Asmodians in their pride with contempt . The Asmodians are a tough and courageous people, who had to adapt to life in the cold and dark part of Atreia . Her figure is grim, but no less powerful than those of the Elyos .

If you 've decided on one of the two fractions , you can think about your class and your future tasks. In Aion there for both sides four classes : Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest . During the game, you are each two opportunities for further options . The different abilities of each class must be sent used at the right time in order to defeat the most powerful enemy alone or in a group can . Sometimes arises only in combination with other the true strength of your skills.

The special thing about Aion is the graphic design of the game. With the latest technology, a world was developed that impressed with their attention to detail . Bird's a real eye-catcher . But flying is not just a mode of transportation , but in battle also an important strategic tool . For quests and explorations wings in Aion are simply essential .Of course, you expect a lot of familiar game elements . There is a sophisticated crafting system , an exciting storyline and different ways to act as a guild .

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