Dragon Nest Revision

Get rid of the mess in this fantasy world , find the missing Grail, defeat the sinister twin sister of the goddess Altea and measure yourself in exciting guild battles with other players !If the world is in ruins and there seems to be no hope , people are crying out for a hero like you to bring the world back into balance. In Dragon Nest , it is your job to find the missing Grail, so again can be harmony in the world. Before you make yourself dirty for the people , you look for the free MMORPG one of four different and individual heroes , with which you can identify yourself and BUsing dangerous journeys . On your mission to save the Holy Grail , you'll encounter a variety of people and individuals who want to give you tasks and assignments in Dragon Nest . Through these tasks you level your character up , make him stronger and more powerful. With time you'll find in Dragon Nest also powerful weapons and various items of equipment with which you pretend to easily all the dangers . Your main task will be to find the enchanted Power Stones , so you can talk with the Prophet in order to receive further instructions can .

Team up also with all the other players in Dragon nest together and complete quests together! Or you will walk the same for a guild in which you plan the next battles with your colleagues , the latest news swapping or act . Are you strong enough with your guild , you will walk in honorable guild wars against other alliances , in which it turns out, which is the most powerful guild in Dragon Nest .

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