Dragon’s Prophet Review

Fantastic adventures await you this MMO games in the dangerous world . Hundreds of unique dragon with individual skills populate the kingdoms and you find yourself in the middle.In the free-2 -play title Dragon's Prophet you explore an almost completely destroyed world . Once bitter wars raged here , who laid all the kingdoms of rubble. Now, however, countless dragons live in this virtual world. Each fantastic creatures has a very individual qualities and abilities .

On your journey you always hold out for these dangerous creatures . Once you meet a dragon , you try your luck with the creature . If you manage to catch one of the fantastic creatures , you can tame the beast. Already you dedicate your your very own dragon and carry on improving gradually his skills. Here you are also responsible for a leisurely dragon lair.

In Action MMOG Dragon's Prophet you stand before countless battles. Be ever vigilant , because at the next corner you might already lie in wait for a bestial creature that has it in for you and your dragon .

Together with your trusty dragon companion you try the supremacy over various territories of the fantastic world to snap at you. But that you attend at the same time for many enemies, who are you and your dragon no mind peaceful. With well-developed skills of the Dragon and your hero you is sure of victory in the numerous PvP battles.

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