Facebook Strategy game Stormfall age of war Tricks

Recently I just try strategy games on facebook , its Stormfall age of war, to be honest I like that game very much, even though build troops in that game are very slow, so it will needing a lot of time if we want have mega army in stormfall, to be honest I already reach level 72 in just 3 month some people will need 1 year or more to level 70, :D , even most of my friends tell me that I pretty fast boosting my level.

well actually the trick how to level up fast in stormfall , actually its not that hard, in fact everyone can get fast level in short time, even though you'll need a huge of resources without it almost impossible!

ok here's my trick how to level fast in stormfall games.

first you'll need resoruces, if you already have alternative to get that, second is build your troops.I am sure some of you already doing it, but still can get pass everyone level ;) well the main trick is all you have to do, is by playing battle ground! if you play BG well, you can boost 10 level in a week or two.I know it's easy to say, but hard to do! to be honest with you in fact my BG level already reach lvl 100, in a nutshell I know what some BG tricks ;) (I keep my BG for the next Global quest)

just keep watching my blogs, I will post stormfall BG games guide on the next post !

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