In this strategy browser game you lead your people through the history of mankind. you As a ruler have to form an impressive empire. Your adventure begins in the Stone Age .In Forge of Empires you start with your own area that you expand gradually to a thriving city. You build very individual buildings that you place in your city at will. With skill and the right strategy you lead your empire from one epoch to the next. In the strategy game Forge of Empires , which is abbreviated as FoE , you start in the Stone Age. You will explore new technologies and unlock special buildings as well as more powerful units free. Here you write the history of mankind new and discover the characteristics of the different eras.

In the browser game Forge of Empires you prove your skills in single-player missions, where you balance on ausbaust your city and grows into a mighty ruler. In addition, you put in your battle skills to the test and show other rulers , what you've got . In Forge of Empires you stand before countless battles in which you zur├╝ckgreifst on the special abilities of your troops , and also uses the characteristics of the environment to your advantage. During the battle you can on the battlefield your troops sent back and forth , so that you will no enemy to close at best.

Also the slugfest with other players is possible in this strategy title . In PvP you duellierst up with an opponent and try to score points with your tactical skills .

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