Stormfall age of war tips Leveling Guide Fast and easy part 1

stormfall age of war tips

Stormfall age of war, in fb are quite populars and they have more than 1 million user active! to be honest at first I am curious about this game and why this game have so many user more than 1 millions, although we all know that most of player using many alt, but I am sure more than 50% are real player, so I decide to play this game and give it a try, after playing this games, to be honest, this is the best games that I play in fb, since most fb games are crap! but, I also play mafia war just FYI ! but still stormfall are much more better. in nutshell this game are addicted . I play this game more than 3 month and reach level 73 now! and also I am marshal at some league :D lol I know you don't care about that stuff!

anyway, since I play this games about 3 month and reach lvel 73 I am sure you guys curious about my tricks, if we have to be honest reach level 73 in just 3 month is not easy, especially without using saphire at all! ;) yep, without spending single cents :D since fb reject my paypal, I can't buy discount saphires!

ok, here's the deal, I will let you guys know my tricks how to reach fast level in stormfall but you have to promise not to tell anyone , all you have to do is read this article and don't tell anyone about this not even your kids or your closed friends ;) ok!

ok listen carefully and read closely ! ...... first step all you have to do, to get fast level in SF is by playing Battle ground, but most people always loss when they play BG, because the fact is SF only give rewards 90% of  total troops that you spent! so the big questions is, how to get 130% rewards, or at least 100% rewards from battle grounds ;), well actually the answer would be easy, I.e by upgrading all your lost art or scroll, but of course you don't have to upgrade all lost art, just focus on something that important, such as, golem scroll, warlock, demon, necro , wayvern and if you can upgrade dragon scroll, up to level 20.

the reason why you should upgrade all scroll simple because by upgrading lost art, your troops offense and deffense power will increase 40% , with this way, you'll get rewards from BG up to 130% but of course you have to play BG well to get good rewads! and if you play BG right! you can increase your troops, up to 30% per BG, of course when we want to get 30% additional troops from BG we need to play high level BG, not just level 40 something, at least bg level 50 or 60.

Guys Just FYI, this tips actually just part 1 it mean it just beginning of BG tips, don't worry I will try to write another BG tricks on the next articles, meanwhile all you have to do is by upgrading all your lost art and this is the most fundamental and very basic to get good rewards, and also if you want to build mega army you'll need to do this step without upgrade lost arts, you'll loss when play BG!

anyway thank you for reading my article about ,Stormfall age of war Leveling Guide Fast and easy part 1

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