Leopard , martens and weasels are not only animals but also by powerful tanks of the German Army, the need to prove themselves on the battlefield . It is your job to let smoke pipes and dodge attacks sent ..
Tank battles around the globe
In World of Tanks , you can take a seat and have a chance to dominate the battlefield after all the tricks behind the controls of a tank . You 're in the middle of the 20th Century. Europe is covered in a terrible war . The Armed Forces of the USSR, the USA and Germany are up to the teeth armed against . However, other nations such as Japan , France and Britain did not hesitate to intervene with its own war machine in the global conflict. With steel behemoths they wrestle for control of entire regions around the globe . You're sitting in one of these heavily armed vehicles , which are available in World of Tanks . Among other things, the German Leopard 1 , a marten or the Russian tanks and Matilda are available for use . Even Chinese models found in this free online game.

Asked Teamplay
However, thou alone, not very far . The key to success in World of Tanks is in your team skills . Selfish heroes have no chance. Only one team , which is composed of different types of tanks can win on the battlefield victory. In this case, the scout is as important as the heavy tank with the really big gun , because the terrain offers plenty of room for tactical flexibility . While light tanks are ideal for reconnaissance and enemy steel giants can elicit that provides large-caliber artillery guns excellent coverage. Whether big or small, fast or sedate - Each type of vehicle makes sense and fulfills an important role in the group. First and foremost, decide in this download Play your strategy for victory or defeat, and less how strong your tracked vehicle .

With increasing experience, you can upgrade your tank in many ways. In the action game you have the opportunity to improve guns to increase the armor and to integrate new modules into the steel giant to change its performance. In addition, a large number of tanks may only be gradually unlocked as the game progresses .

Features at a glance:

• Strategic action game for up to 30 tanks on a map
• Over 160 authentic vehicles in the game (and growing )
• Further development of tanks and the crew
• Clan wars on the world map

international success
World of Tanks is an international success. Operators Wargaming and now integrated into the company developer BigWorld make with the game on one record after another , for example, played in Russia already 500,000 tank driver together on a single server . In the fall of 2012, the 40 millionth player for World of Tanks has registered.

To play you need including a Windows operating system and several gigabytes of free space on the hard disk. For this, you want the free -to-play game download countless battles , spread over Europe and parts of the world. The outcome of the battles you choose yourself

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