Arcade Games Key Features

Arcade games have short learning curves and simple levels. These games have been designed to inject the quick bursts of adrenaline rushes; unlike the console games which are about in-depth game play and well scripted story lines. Apparently, the reason being that a player is essentially renting an arcade game for as long as their virtual entity stays alive. The game titles in PCs or consoles can also be termed as the arcade game if it shares the same qualities.

The arcade racing games feature a simplified physics engine and preserve certain action. The effects are not always pragmatic; as you can turn sharply without drifting or losing control. Arcade racing games used a simple Rubberband A.I. system. The system is programmed so that you dont get left far behind or move ahead of the rest.

Arcade flight games are highly simplified when compared to flight simulators. These games are facing a steady resurgence with people increasingly favoring action over reality. The recent success of games like Crimson Tide and Secret weapons over Normandy attest this phenomenon. The simple game play also makes the arcade games super
addictive. Arcade classics like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters were built on simple game play. They were often related to mindless thrashing of the joystick and buttons. Even newer titles like Tekken and Dead or Alive with highly detailed game play and graphics are unable to overthrow these classics.

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