Friends Game

One of the most popular shows in the history of situation comedy is Friends. Over ten seasons, fans came to love the characters of Ross, Rachael, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler. Sadly, the show had to end sometime, leaving some fond memories behind. Fans like to have their in depth knowledge of the show tested and a Friends game is a fun way to do that.

There are web sites that feature lists of trivia questions relating to all aspects of the show. Products are also available, great for playing at parties and taking a nostalgic look at the lives of the six New Yorkers. The Scene-It series of DVDs have added a Friends game to their list with clips from episodes, questions and puzzles from all the seasons.

An electronic game developed for Playstation 2, Xbox and the PC is also available. Called Friends: The One With All the Trivia contains more than 650 clips, soundbites and catchphrases. Many of the other characters, outside of the gang of friends, are also popular and the game is hosted by Janice (Chandler's one time girlfriend), Gnter (Central Perk manager who is besotted by Rachael) and Judy Geller (Monica's critical mother). There are over 3,000 questions and it can be played by one to four players.

Traditional board games relating to the show are also sold. Trivia Game is a Friends game, played as a board game with dice and trivia questions cards. There are around 1,000 questions and the player has to answer correctly whilst moving around the board and visiting different locations. It is suitable for anyone over the age of ten and there is a version that comes in a stylish, tin storage box. The Ultimate Edition includes picture cards.

A game that was part of the plot in an episode in Series 4 has actually been made into a real game. When Ross invented the game in which the boys and the girls formed teams and tested each team's knowledge of the other, the girls lost the game. Unfortunately for them, they had bet their apartment and the boys took it over. Ross had organized this Friends game into questions contained in four categories. The questions are on the subject of Ancient History, Fears and Peeves, It's all Relative and Literature. This game is great fun and has the advantage of being able to re-enact an actual scene in the show.

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