parker brothers game

When I was growing up watching television was very different than it is now. We lived out in the country and had an antenna on the roof to get reception. We were able to get the three network stations as well as one local station. There were family shows on during prime time and after the late news most of the stations went off the air. We enjoyed watching television; however there was not the variety of things to watch like there is today.

My family liked playing board games as well as card games. More often than not we listened to music and played a parker brothers game. We had quite an assortment of board games. My sister and I loved to play the parker brothers game of monopoly. Because the game takes a while to play we often left the board sitting out on the formal dining room table. We would set everything up and then play for several evenings in a row. My mother would get upset that there were all the game pieces and monopoly money laying around.

My sister and I are much older now. We have raised our own families and try to spend as much time together as we can. Our recreation time now is spent in the area casinos. One of our favorite slot machines to play is monopoly. We had to laugh the first time we was it. Many of the parker brothers games have been turned into slot games. I think there is a great deal of people in our generation who enjoyed playing the various board games as children. The fun part with playing at the casino is that you have the chance to win real money if the game is going your way.

My children like to play games also. This is something that we encouraged them to do as children. Playing games teaches children many things such as counting, fairness, taking turns and how to win and lose gracefully. It is also interaction time rather than sitting in front of a television set letting someone else entertain you. Now that my children are grown and married they go to each others homes and play board games. I am very pleased that they are staying in touch with each other the same way I stay in touch with my sister. I think that having the time together as children helped us to become good friends. We have talked about getting together with our husbands and playing a game of monopoly.

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