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What is AQWorlds?

Adventure Quest Worlds (AQ Worlds for short)is a free, flash based, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) made by Artix Entertainment. AQ Worlds receives new updates weekly that include fixing of bugs, equipment, and quests. It is based in the same universe as Adventure Quest, Dragon      Fable, and MechQuest which many of the non playable characters come from. You can either play for free or pay a monthly fee and be a member which grants you of the use bonus pets, equipment, and quests that only members can use. It also has come up with the idea of multi-which allows your character the ability to change between classes with 10 ranks that have special abilities.

AQ Worlds has ten servers (one being member only) that allow people to play with each other. It has a safe server that allows young children the ability to play without seeing bad comments from other players and keeps them from telling personal information. At the moment only five of the servers have unlimited chat (Sir Ver, Safiria, Zhoom, Minimal and Nythera) while the rest has limited chat (which is being worked on at the moment). When you start a new account on AQ Worlds you will have the option of customizing your character so you choose your hair, class, and gender. You will first need an unique name (which is your user name) that allows everyone to know who you are. After you do that you will enter a world of fun and wonder..

advencher quest worlds Cheats

Pet Rock
Go to Warlic's magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and drag it to the chest and you will get the pet rock. He does earth damage, and if you give it to Valencia, she will give you a travel pass.

Change name / stats down
To change your name or put your stats down die. Then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom of his robe he will give you a walk around quest. on it go into the purple swirly thing.if you are in a graveyard click the gravestone.a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to lower your stat. if twilly comes up then you can change your name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with it and then try again.

To find the secret pit go to Battleon and click around on the ground in front of Yulgar's Inn. The crusor will change to a hand when you find it. Then just click.

Easy Health Potions
To get 10 Health Potions, click on Twilly, then on "The Frogzard Hunter!" and do the third part of the quest. After you kill the mosquito and the Trog, the Trog will give you 10 Health Potions. You can then either complete the rest of the quest using these potions, or flee from the next battle with them.

First, get your Luck and Charisma to 20 or above. Then, keep going into random battles until start a battle with a cave. Click "Befriend it". If you are lucky, you will befriend it. If not, you will fight it.

Hidden hole
At the main town, there is a hole that is hidden. Click to the left of the button that reads "Battle Monsters". You will be asked if you want to go down. The monsters in the hole are somewhat strong. Do not go down if you are below level 15.

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