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2010 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for fans of MMORPG games. The big dog in the house is of course still World of Warcraft, but there are plenty other releases that show great promise. We have already seen the launch of interesting titles such as Star Trek Online and Global Agenda, but the best is yet to come. Developers have been trying out new concepts, new ideas and constantly tweaking game modes to deliver new and innovative online experiences. It's not only paid subscription style games that have been booming, free MMORPG games have become much better recently. With that said, the games we are looking forward to playing the most this year are:

Star Wars - The Old Republic

Bioware has tons of experience in developing RPG games, but not so much in MMORPG games. That shouldn't stop Star Wars - The Old Republic from becoming a smash hit. Sci-Fi MMO RPG games have had it tough for some reason and haven't really managed to get the same following as most of the fantasy inspired games. Closest would probably be Eve Online, Cataclysm or Star Wars Galaxies. Things could change with the release of this title from Bioware though. The game may actually not be ready until 2011 though, even if Bioware will probably try to get it ready for a launch for the holiday season sales.

Final Fantasy XIV

The latest Final Fantsay MMORPG game is now several years old and it's time for a new one. FF XIV will have new different races to play with as well as a new armor system that lets players switch skills easier than previously. Square Enix will also be moving the setting to a new world, though still heavily fantasy inspired.

Allods Online

One launch that everyone is getting really excited for is Allods Online. Allods Online is a free to play massive multiplayer online role playing game under development by the Russian developers Astrum Nival. The game is based on the Rage of Mages games and will feature eight different character classes and six races as well as a magical and compelling world to explore. The unique setting takes place on floating islands (Avatar anyone?) in the cosmos known as Astral. This game will be one to watch for sure.
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