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Top Online Multiplayer Games, Ever

top online multiplayer games,everyone love multiplayer games the reason simple because involving more peoples to play,and needing high concentration to play this kind of games, because of that reason, why peoples always choose this kind of games that not only contain with high graphic visualization, but also interaction from each players.if you realize almost top multiplayer games that dominate in the industry, always have same characteristic,e.g High visual graphics,simple and free to play,contains some actions and have no complicated rules,at least most of it have same criteria.anyway bellow is a few of my favorite of multiplayer games that I always plays and I am sure everyone will agree with one of my choices

Counter strikes

Counter strikes is one of my favorites multiplayer games,I am sure everyone would agree with my choices, the reason its simple because it take no brains to win it,and after being a long awaited finally they released the new  Versions of CS 1.6 , and the different CS 1.6 with CS condition zero  basically the graphics in CZ are a little more polished and newer looking, the guns look different, the maps look different, there are more maps, nothing major really!!.

Age Of Empires 2

when first knowing about this games, I almost frustrated when playing it, its because every times I builds my kingdoms and army, my enemy always, build more faster then I expected, and that make me wondering, how the heck happens, because if play normally it won't happens, cause it took times just for building some new weapons and etc, but not long finally I know the cheats, and the games becomes more easy to play, though I still enjoying by playing the games without cheats.

Call Of Duty

this games actually quite interesting,  but when I first playing it seems boring for me, cause I need long hours to figure this games , and also I need a weeks just to finished, based on my experiences this games could be really interested if we already have new weapons and etc, though until this times I never use  "cheats" to finish the games, maybe not all of my friends playing it.

Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 is yet another masterpiece of Blizzard's award-winning online strategy series. The game was released in 2002 and is still the most widely used game, both online and in pro competitions with an ever increasing gaming community this is my top multiplayer game. Main features include role playing, 3D graphics and enhanced multiplayer options.

Dungeons and Dragons

I found it difficult not to list this as my top multiplayer game(Top MMORPG )This game is split between two lands. You have the Mages which are an elite group of magic users and the commoners who are powerless. The land is called the Empire of Izmer and the young Empress wants equality and prosperity for all. However the Mages are planning to depose her and create their own rule. This is a great game in the Gaming Community.

hopefully my choices of top  multiplayer games online wasn't disappointing all of you because, recently I not to often playing  game Online, and if you guys have better recommendation, feel free to give suggestion the best of multiplayer games, anyway I think it would be enough , though I expecting one of you can give me new reference about new gaming if you do, I really appreciated, thank you for visiting and read my articles