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 Top 5 List RPG Games Online

Here some of list Top online RPG games, actually there is plenty of RPG games out there but I think this top 5 list would be enough, and if you have better list of recommendation please feel free to recommended of your list at comment posting hope you all guys like it   

1)   Neverwinter Nights  

From thousands of player-made modules to the possibility of creating a free MMORPG, NWN sets the standard for all other retail RPGs to follow.

2) Guild Wars - GameOgre Review

A ton of gaming value here since there is no monthly subscription and Guild Wars plays like a MMORPG.

3) Evony
Once known as Civony, Evony is an Addictive free online RTS where players build up cities and form alliances.

4) HoboWars

Definitely one of the most original RPGs yet

5) Tibia

Tibia is free, but does have a premium account available. 

Since I Only knows a little things about RPG games maybe it it would  better if you can give me some of TOP RPG GAMES Online that  you often to played , if you do I really appreciates your participation, I will never forget  gamers fellow to build more of my list especially about RPG games, thanks for your coming and reading my simple RPG games, that have lack of knowledge, and if you have complaints  or anything about something feel free to writes some comment, so I can renew and modify of it.Cheers

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